Body and Movement in Psychoanalysis Interest Group forming !

I am forming an interest group on the body and movement in psychoanalysis, continuing in October 2017. This will be an ongoing group for analysts who have interest in learning more about the interrelationship between the body and its movement in treatment and about how both psychoanalysis and body/movement can enhance and inform each other.

The group will focus on a combination of theory and practice with readings and discussions about the integration of emotional with somatic and nonverbal processes in the analytic practice.

In addition, group meetings will be interspersed with experiential and experimental studio sessions to directly explore and investigate somatic and movement processes in one’s own body.

Particular emphases will be on unformulated experiences, movement and language, nonverbal processes, affect, trauma, attachment and developmental processes.

The meeting time will be Thursdays from 11:30-1pm in Dr. Birklein’s office. Please contact her to sign up.


Group meetings will be held in my office, 928 Broadway, Suite 803 (21st Street) and in a studio at that same location .

This group will be limited to eight participants.


Webinars coming soon!


Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners

Movement Patterns and Rhythms throughout Development


Phone: (917) 496-5772 (office)
928 Broadway, Suite #803
New York, NY 10010


Oskar Schlemmer
ca. 1921-1922


SYNC Psychological Services, PLLC  is looking for licensed clinical psychologists to join the group. Please contact Dr. Birklein for more information.