Embodied Psychotherapy/ Authentic Movement

Movement and mindfulness can guide us to the core of our emotions often more directly than words. Emotions that are stored in our bodies frequently find expression in each breath, gesture and posture and their respective sequencing. Becoming more aware of one’s movements, nonverbal expression and accompanying images and sensations, can initiate a process of change. Dr. Birklein attends to a client’s movement as it naturally occurs, just as a practitioner would listen to words in verbal therapy; this includes body rhythms, changes in breath and muscle tension, and the changing shape of the body in space–all of which reflects emotional expression and regulation, internal and relational processes, and self-states.

“The body and the mind are not one and not two.”
– Shunryu Suzuki

 Movement Analysis & Repatterning

As one of the Master teachers of the Kestenberg Movement Profile, Dr. Birklein is uniquely equipped to address psychological issues through, and in movement. This unique approach is geared toward people who want to achieve a high level of presentation. Video feed back and systemic analysis will be used to identify strength and areas for improvement, as well as personal issue in public appearance and speaking. This system is highly effective in executive coaching and group coaching.

There are several basic systems of movement analysis and movement observation that have been used therapeutically and in the observation of nonverbal behavior: Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP). The KMP is based on the Laban system, but attends more to psychological issues and interactions and is conceptualized through psychoanalytic theory. Both systems can be used to understand a person’s personal movement, and movement in interaction with others, as well as in parent-infant psychotherapy.

For more information on the KMP system, please visit www.Kestenbergmovementprofile.org.

Developmental Movement

Experiencing physical pain? Have difficulties moving efficiently? Developmental movement re-patterning brings you back to earlier neuro-developmental and psychomotor patterns to restore underlying dynamic support systems and connectivity in your body and movements. Dr. Birklein provides ‘hands-on’ work to facilitate alignment and connectivity, activate body systems, and increase efficiency in movement.


Dr. Birklein provides movement analysis that includes analyzing and understanding of personal movement style. This includes one’s nonverbal behavior style, as well as inherent body organization patterns. This approach is designed for people who would like to gain insight into their movement preferences and expressive repertoire.
While movement analysis can help in understanding your individual movement style, the goal is to increase your repertoire to a wider range, thus greater expressivity and clearer communication.

It is especially useful in team consulting, public speaking, acting and any form presenting. It can aid you in achieving efficiency in movement and therefore goal expression. Teams, athletes, actors and artists have benefited from this pattern analysis.

How to Get Started

Get started today by scheduling an appointment. The first 1-3 sessions serve as consultations. This is an opportunity to talk about what you would like to work on, and what you expect from treatment. We will discuss how I may be of help to you, and see if we are a good “match” for ongoing treatment.