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Getting started with psychotherapy can feel difficult sometimes. Contacting a provider, scheduling a consultation and finding the right “match” takes time. We try to make it easier for you.

Help us to help you by completing the Patient Info Form below and we will get back to you. In addition, and if ready, return to this page and you can book an appointment yourself with the Request Appointment link below.

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The SYNC team accepts Aetna and Unitedhealthcare StudentResources, and First Health insurances. We can also accept out-of-network insurances in many cases. Most insurance companies reimburse out of network; please contact your carrier for more information regarding this option.


The first 1-3 sessions serve as consultations. This is an opportunity to talk about what you would like to work on, and what you expect from treatment. We will discuss how I may be of help to you, and see if we are a good “match” for ongoing treatment.

All consultations and sessions are strictly confidential.


Sessions are based on a weekly basis. This can involve 1-3 sessions per week, depending on your needs.


for all scheduling issues

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